The mighty Stones of Callanish

These are the stones of Callanish (stationary not Rolling). Think Stonehenge with heather and single malts. The air is so clean up here you almost feel dizzy if you take a deep breath, as if it has been super-oxygenated.
It might sound ridiculous, but both Andy and I commented on how the stones seem to have a strength or power emanating from them ( in much the same way as it doesn’t from David Cameron.)

Also a view of our trusty workhorse, a Panasonic AG-AF101 which has a 4:3 sensor, almost 35mm sized, and we are using a variety of fast 35mm lenses and Panasonic Lumix lenses. The uncompressed images feed into an Atomos Ninja which records them at 200 Mbps.

Here is our trusty workhorse - Panasonic AG-AF101

Here is our trusty workhorse- – Panasonic AG-AF101

We went back to our hotel for a late breakfast and now we’re off to film the next subjects on the list!

All the stills I am sending I’ve shot on my iPhone 4s (with which I am really impressed). The stones shot earlier I played with on my photoshop ap and a few secs later sent to you. It’s like having a computer in your pocket!

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