Reporting from the town of Keith in Aberdeenshire, “Here is the Straffisla (hic), no the Strathisla distillery looking spic ‘n’ span after a “seeing to”  before by Andy & Jerry
All looking good and wonderful.”


Andy and Jerry Filming at Strathisla in Keith

(Blog Editor: The world truly does look better when viewed through fine malt whisky goggles, but nobody would dispute that the famous distillery in Keith is one of the finest malt whisky distilleries and is a key port-of-call on every malt-lover’s tour of Scotland. Dating from 1786, the Strathisla distillery is distinctive not only for its famous and highly popular range of Strathisla, Chivas and Royal Salute brands, but also for its magnificent architecture including the famous double pagoda gate.

In high spirits, the team then went on to one of Scotland’s most famous mysterious marine reptile habitats – Loch Ness! I can’t wait to scan their footage for cryptozoological evidence.

This is a shot of Jerry, runner up of last year’s “I’ve got a bigger lens than you” competition, seen here with this year’s first place “most over-the-top lens of the year award”. 

Apparently Jerry and Andy had pulled over on the southern shore of Loch Ness to see if they could get shots of any unusual flora or fauna. When asked if he was looking for the Loch Ness monster, Jerry insisted it was midges they were trying to film. Midges or mallards, nothing else!