Badger family on open down. Badger watching can be a fantastic experience. Steve Wrightson Image.

Badger Watching is the latest focus of Wild Open Eye Feature articles. It can be a magical experience and yield life-long memories and treasured photographs.

I’d like to thank Steve Wrightson for his excellent feature article on Badger watching, where he provides us with some exquisite views of British badgers (Meles meles) that he’s captured himself. He also shares important tips to help us on our own quests for close encounters with Mr. Brock and some tips for wildlife photography enthusiasts to help improve our chances of photographing these very appealing creatures in the wild.

On a more serious note we also have a new Eye On profile called Badgers In Peril that  succinctly covers the threats that some of our most beloved denizens of the British countryside are facing. Unfortunately, many of these creatures could quite literally die in the spotlight, if plans to cull them by night shooting are allowed to go ahead. Please read the profile to learn more about the dangers that they face and get in touch with badger protection groups to see what can be done to avert a wide scale slaughter that is unlikely to achieve its intended purpose.