Outdoor Photographer Of The Year Contest 2010

Outdoor Photographer Of The Year Contest 2010

Outdoor Photographer of The Year 2010

Outdoor Photographer of The Year 2010 information

Recently I was honoured to be one of the judges in Outdoor Photographer Of The Year Contest 2010, the UK’s premiere outdoor photographic competition.

Photography contests are always of great interest to me. It is not just because every contestant has sought out their best work to compete, but each entry represents a unique occasion with its own unique merits, and each  represents opportunities and challenges. The photographic entry is a testament not just to the quality of the subject, but to each individual contestant’s response in terms of technique, skill and aesthetic judgment. Each entry has been judged by the photographer before it ever reaches the panel’s scrutiny.

Then, the judging process is very carefully considered and each entry that makes it through to the next successive selection round has been up against some very stiff competition.

I would like to tell you more about the finalists in each category, but for that you’ll have to wait until the results are published in Outdoor Photography Magazine. I can assure you, though, that the quality of entries this year has been superb and that there are great quantity of very high quality Runners Up that are remarkable, each, in their own right. Many thanks to all of you who submitted this year.

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