Andy Luck photographing limestone pavement near Sunbiggin Tarn in Westmorland

Photographing limestone pavement, upper Eden valley and Pennines from a point above Sunbiggin Tarn in Westmorland, Cumbria

Making fine adjustments to the graduated filter

Here I am in the sweeping wind-blown landscape of Westmorland, Cumbria following up a test shot on the hefty but delectable Pentax 645D with another on my very much smaller and lighter Lumix. Beneath my feet and stretching away in front of me is a relatively rare landscape feature that has remained naked and exposed since the glaciers of the last ice-age scraped away the surface soil baring the 334 million year-old carboniferous limestone to the elemental forces that have since sculpted it into the tortured tableau that we can see today.

Andy Luck on Limestone pavement

You have to watch where you put your feet in this kind of landscape! This camera’s worth more than my friend’s family four-door sedan that brought me out to Sunbiggin!

Funny to think that these were tropical tidal shallows then! These clints and grykes lead the eye inwards toward a wind-blasted Hawthorne tree,  excellent subjects for testing out the formidable Pentax 645D. How did this £9,999 state-of-the-art medium format digital camera perform in my hands? I can’t wait to tell you, but I’m afraid that you’ll have to await the official publication of the review and the photos in Outdoor Photography Magazine.

I can tell you this now though, in this kind of country you have to pay attention to where you’re putting your feet. It would be so easy to get carried away with the photography, miss your step and do in your ankle!

On this sort of job a good steady tripod is an essential part of the kit, it’s fast-locking legs are really handy and it’s feet grip the stone well.

Never happier than with some interesting cloud in the shot! Plain blue skies are much less interesting. Damp knees are a small price to pay for an outstanding image of your subject.

Click on this to see the details. Windswept limestone pavement captured by Andy Luck on Pentax 645D

Orton Valley Copse

Orton Valley Copse by Andy Luck captured on Pentax 645D

Cold, yes, but landscape photography in winter can be very satisfying!

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