Dragonfly's Eye By Andy Luck

Dragonfly’s Eyes By Andy Luck

I’m very pleased to welcome you to Wild Open Eye, my new weblog. Thanks to WordPress.com I shall be ‘blogging’ on this site periodically. Here I will post select photographs and articles that reflect my love of, and keen interest in the natural world and photography.

First I’ll explain a few features of the blog. On the top of the sidebar on the right you’ll find a search box that will assist you in finding stuff on the blog. Beneath that is Meta data (I’ve put that there for ease of log-in) then below my Hit Counter  are my pages – here I will add items that I want to be easy to find no matter how much other material I post on the blog. I kick off with the ubiquitous, but very necessary ‘About’ page, and in time I’ll archive some interesting examples of my publications here for you to read too, in PDF format with links back to the source media where appropriate.

Just below the pages you’ll find links to my most recent posts, and after that you’ll see links to my posts organised by category. Following that list you’ll see a widget that enables you to subscribe to my posts by email as they are added to the blog. This is a very handy way of getting my latest news hot from the press. If you enter your email address and click the subscribe button then you’ll never miss a blog post! Relax, WordPress assures us that they won’t add your email address to any spammer’s lists. The UN trusts WordPress.

Anyway, below that button you’ll also note an orange and white RSS feed symbol. Really Simple Syndication is a very convenient way to share my blog posts, you can click on this to follow some cues that will add my RSS feed to your browser and it will feed my news straight to your browser.

That just about covers the technical orientation to my blog for now, I think. Time for some fine photography!

The first image that I want to show you is that of a shapely Damsel fly. Click on the image below to enjoy the detail! Yes, I love macro-photography. It’s true, small is beautiful. I hope that you enjoy my photographs.

Exquisite Damsel Fly

Exquisite Damsel Fly

Please watch this space for more news and fine images!