Andy Luck, photographer, writer and film-maker at work testing a Sigma Dp2 for one of his fine technical review articles.

A Salute To Wildlife Conservation Photographer and Film-maker, Andy Luck

3rd Quarter Meeting

Red-patched Emerald (Nemoria saturiba) Bette Kauffman image and copyright.

BioBlitz Now On at Allen Acres

Illustration for Second LaSWG Conference 2018

Interested In Sustainable Agriculture. Louisiana Sustainable Agriculture Working Group Conference July 26, Alexandria, Louisiana

Ecosystems & Restoration Ecology

The majestic lion remains the British national animal .

The Lion’s Share Aims To Benefit Wildlife From Global Marketing

No thumbnail for Making the Jaguar the Icon of Sustainable Development

Making the Jaguar the Icon of Sustainable Development

Sculptural forms lift the plantings into the vertical air column providing valuable forage for bees, butterflies, moths and wasps. This HDR shot was acheived in camera.

Eye to eye with a Luna Moth at Allen Acres B and B

The Case of the Mad Snappers

Logo of ARCAS Guatemala

Fuego Eruption Aftermath – ARCAS Helping Out Domestic and Wild Animals

Giant Swallowtail butterfly. Learn how to integrate native plantings in gardening.

Forthcoming Events -Integrating Native Plantings With Roses, Sunflower Festival and More!

Heartwood Natural Area

2nd Quarter Mtg: Upland Forests

Plants, Plants, More Plants!

Plants of Louisiana

Update: Certification

a Bronze frog Rana clamitans, sitting on a log in a backwater of Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Monroe, Louisiana.

Some Good News For Frogs

Carpenter Bees make for great insect-in-flight photographs because they exhibit a patrol flight pattern that is reasonably predictable. This individual we named Horatio, for his dutiful guarding of the bridge to Pier 1. It was regularly attacked by Red wasps that crashed into it, but managed to see them off. C. Paxton image and copyright.

Photographic Walk and Talk at Black Bayou Lake NWR

Grass carp feeding in a flooded field near the Ouachita river, West Monroe, Louisiana. C. Paxton image and copyright.

Spring Fish Watching – Carpe Diem!

The golden dawn of greener development promised at Biofin 3. Andy Luck image and copyright.

India Hosts Third Biofin Conference

Red-bellied Woodpecker, with hen Cardinals and a Cedar Waxwing in the background, part of a bird wave at Crawfish Springs. C.Paxton image and copyright.

Certification Begins!

Smart conservation tactics are being employed to protect Sumatran tigers in the wild. See Partners Against Crime article in EXPOSURE.

Smart Tiger Conservation In Spotlight For World Wildlife Day 2018

We’re real. Yay!

Blazing sunset at D'Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge. C.Paxton image and copyright.

The Northeast Louisiana Master Naturalists’ Program Explained

Malaysian tiger, Panthera tigris Andy Luck photo and copyright.

Beyond The Stripes, New WWF Report Explores Collateral Benefits of Tiger Conservation

Andy Luck's Desert Elephants, Copyright Andy Luck

Domestic Ivory Banned by 2021 in Hong Kong!

Juvenile Box turtle. C . Paxton image and copyright.

Registering Land With The Natural Areas Program

swimming racoon

Swimming Raccoon in D’Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge

Andy Luck beside Elephant awareness sign in Namibia.

Join The Elephant Count with Save The Elephants

The Race to End Bear Farming in Vietnam – Bear Week Begins!

Frozen water droplets on a spider's web, extract from an image by Andy Luck

2017 Salutes To Conservationists Tony Whitten and David Shepherd